Digitization / Conversion

We can convert most video formats into other commonly used formats. Some examples for converting are: deposition synchronization; audio/video synchronization; unable to see/hear current format; reduce file size; and produce to other parties.

We can also capture videos from YouTube and proprietary video players (i.e.: surveillance video cameras and dash cameras).

Audio/Video Synchronization

If a deposition was videographed then we convert the video into a high quality format and synchronize it. Other audio or video media can be synchronized, as well if there is a transcript. Synchronization matches the video to the transcript which allows us to play specific portions of the audio/video. You can designate a portion of the transcript to be played for the jury which allows them to hear the the witness respond in his/her own voice, or they can hear what the environment was like at the time of the recording. This is a much more engaging way to present evidence.

Deposition Testimony Clip Creation

We keep depositions in a digital database specifically designed for your case, which allows for quick access and searching.