Mobile Access

One great addition to modern technology is cloud-based storage. Services like Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud give you access to documents, photos and videos from your computer, tablet and smartphone. Cloud-based storage synchronizes your files across all of your devices. It makes collaboration and file sharing easy among colleagues and opposing counsel. It is an excellent option to sending us files, it allows you to save time and money by not burning and shipping discs. Once we have your trial exhibits we like to upload them to your online storage.


We print both color and black-and-white in standard sizes. We can also do large scale prints for reproducing maps or exhibit boards. When we prepare your exhibits, each page is endorsed with the exhibit and page number. Marking each page prevents mix-ups and helps keep everyone together. Each exhibit binder is identified by a volume number and the exhibits contained within.


Our scanners are setup to scan both color and black-and-white from receipt-sized documents up to tabloid size. We can also scan oversize documents such as maps, plans and drawings. We typically scan at 300 dpi which displays great on the screen. Part of our scanning process is to rotate and deskew the scanned pages. We scan with the appropriate settings to ensure you get a great image.